Corporate Mindfulness Wellness

pampers your workers

With Corporate Mindfulness Wellness your workers will learn to break ineffective routines and unhealthy habits. It will help them with new attitudes for work in a fluid and rewarding way.

Mindfulness Corporativo Wellness
Mindfulness Corporativo Wellness

Corporate Mindfulness Wellness will teach your employees how to focus attention, on the most relevant daily tasks, to get involved, even when outside their comfort zones. Listening to your body is a central part of our Wellness program.

Our wellness practices will lower employee anxiety levels, and recover of their access to tranquility and harmony.

We facilitate Corporate Mindfulness Wellness:

On site, if possible, at times that do not interfere with productivity schedules.

In English, if your company prefers.

In groups of different sizes.

With a minimum program of 12 hours, taught in weekly sessions of 1hour or 90 min. of duration. This program allows us to guarantee the results.

Our program includes meditative practices and bodywork. Both types of practices have been designed with the same training objectives, thus ensuring the best mind-body results.

We have a highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.

We monitor the service and offer results at the end of it. Through a proprietary
methodology developed for this purpose, contracting organizations or professionals can assess the improvements to business and personal behaviours as well as the return on investment. Go to results>

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