Mindful Insite Management was the brainchild of three professionals in their respective fields

The contribution of each one depends on a powerful synergy, combining our knowhow into training programs that improve management excellence of firms and organizations.

A multi-disciplinary team united in this exciting journey

Gauri Agulla


For 30 years, my professional life has been dedicated to teaching, studying and practicing Yoga and Meditation. With these objectives I have traveled through much of the world – Canada, England, India, USA., Mexico, and Latin America – progressively developing my own teaching style.

Focused in recent years on the training of trainers and the creation of standards in the teaching of different styles of yoga, it has been a challenge to be the co-founder of Yoga Center Madrid. In addition to teaching these disciplines, I have contributed to the creation of Mindful Insite Management, to bring these techniques to corporations.

I value the importance of personal development, experimentation and constant innovation, all of which I have incorporated into my training methodology. In all my teachings, Yoga, meditation and mindfulness were always present. My unique style of teaching combines traditional Yoga with the application of precise anatomical corrections and body awareness. I bring together the fruit of my explorations and
reflection in what I offer today.

Westley Eckhardt

Inner and outer

My professional career is the sum of two currents of thought: the pragmatic and the phenomenological. I was born in Toronto, Canada.

My interest in the mind and its boundaries led me to explore the eastern approach to mind and body. Eventually, I ended up directing ashrams (Yoga retreats) in Canada and the Bahamas for 12 years. When I returned to academia after my adventures with Indian monasticism and gurus, I completed a MSc in Psychology (certified MBPsS) and an MBA.

Oriental Wisdom, Western Psychology

A student of Oriental wisdom traditions, with more than three decades of experience, my focus was on Oriental Philosophy, Yogic Tradition, Meditation, Mindfulness and the psychology of ‘Mindsets’. I have taught these in the Americas, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe and Russia. In addition to co-founding Yoga Center Madrid, a benchmark in the teaching of Yoga nationally, I am also proud to be a partner in founding Mindful Insite Management, a company that puts our insights and experience forward, to bring inner wellbeing practices to organizations.


I try to maintain a multivocal and pluralist interpretation of wisdom traditions, while honoring their uniqueness. Some of my points of view can be provocative, but they are usually grounded on empirical evidence. Our inner and outer journeys are ones of ever unfolding discoveries.

Alicia González

From a young age I felt the attraction for the corporate world and, in particular, Marketing and Research. I was interested in the processes that bring a new product to market, position it well, and achieve its business goals.

My studies in both fields (Fordham NY, AUM Madrid) led me to work with major brands, directing their research operations in Spain and Portugal: Philip Morris, Sofres (Audimetría) and Grupo Havas (formerly Media Planning).

It has been a long and fruitful journey that has continued since my initial work at Philip Morris NY, in Experimental Research. Afterwards I worked on the sales and image strategies for Condumex in Mexico. More recently I handled brands such as Citroën, Estée Lauder, Group G + J, or Telva and Yo Dona, in Spain, without forgetting my occasional dedication to teaching (ICADE – Research master’s in management).

With Mindful Insite Management, I am proud to bring to the corporate world a program that reduces the emotional costs of executive responsibilities while improving corporate efficiency. I have used the same techniques my personal and professional growth.