Corporate mindfulness retreats.

the best in a weekend

We provide our Corporate Mindfulness, as a weekend Wellness or Management program, in carefully chosen locations and accommodations, which combine originality, beauty and accessibility.

Mindfulness Corporativo Retreats
Mindfulness Corporativo Retreats

From Friday afternoon until Sunday at noon, the sessions include:

Rest and rejuvenation.

Short preprogrammed activities.

Contact and connection with nature.

Specially prepared menus, to savour mindfully.

The convergence of these perks with our mindfulness program, make Corporate Mindfulness Retreats effective, restful and invigorating, all in a weekend.

Our highly qualified, national and international, trainers will care for you throughout the retreat.

We monitor the effectiveness of each retreat program, and provide you quantitative results afterwards. Your company can evaluate its ROI. Go to results>

Our team takes care of all the retreat arrangements.

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