Meditation and Creativity

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In 2010, IBM conducted a study of 1,500 Ceo’s from 60 countries and 33 sectors of activity. One of the main conclusions showed how, beyond integrity, rigor or vision, creativity is perceived as the main value that managers and business managers must provide. How can we help generate good ideas and maintain our thinking in a stage of “creative production” when necessary?

A year ago, Dirk Deichmann, a professor at the Business School of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and a team of researchers carried out a study with 129 students. Its main purpose was to demonstrate the positive correlation – if it existed – between meditation and creative thinking.

The 129 participants were divided into 3 groups, one of which went directly to the test, without receiving any instructions. Another group previously attended a 10-minute guided meditation, while the members of the third group received the slogan “let your mind wander”.

The central result of this study, published a year ago in the Harvard Business Review, effectively reveals a positive correlation between meditation and creative thinking, and can be expressed as follows:

The dedication of a relatively short space of time to meditation allows us to stimulate and expand the reach of creative thinking

In Mindfulness Corporate Management we work with meditations focused on specific aspects useful for professional life. Creativity is one of them




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