Corporate Mindfulness Management cares

for your Executives

Corporate Mindfulness Management has been developed and adapted for those very involved in the management of your company.

Mindfulness Corporativo Management
Mindfulness Corporativo Management

Mindfulness Corporate Management incorporates specific objectives designed and tested to strengthen entrepreneurs and management teams, in the face of the continuous tension of decision-making processes.

Among other aspects, Mindfulness Corporate Management improves:

Openness – enhances a broad perspective better understands complex situations.

Concentration – enhances attention to jobs and people.

Creativity – can disclose different approaches to unsolved problems.

Balance – better adjustment to different activities (meetings, clients, work teams, family …).

Resilience – best management of stress

Our different mindfulness practices will allow you to cultivate and improve in ways that will have a positive impact on your management and your personal life.

We offer Corporate Mindfulness Management:

On site, if possible, at times that do not interfere with your business schedules.

In English, if your company prefers.

In individual or group settings.

With a minimum training program of 12 hours, taught in weekly sessions of 1hour or 90 minutes. This training duration allows us to guarantee the results.

Our work program of meditative practices and bodywork is designed to ensure harmonious mind-body integration.

We have a highly qualified international level teaching staff.

We monitor our programs and offer quantitative results at the end of them. Through a proprietary methodology developed for this purpose, contracting organizations or professionals can assess the improvements to business and personal behaviours as well as the return on investment. Go to results>

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