How to Listen Mindfully

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We often perform interact with people without being fully aware. Mindful Listening is a process of attentive listening, not an unconscious rote behavior.

There are some simple things to prioritize during conscious mindful listening.

Paying Attention.

With mindful listening, you focus your attention on the person you are listening to, without distractions.

How to do that?.

Reduce the distractions – phones, computers, printers, etc. mute your devices.

Make time for attention.

Before you meet with someone clear your mind. Do some short relaxation practice like deep breathing or muscle relaxation, before you engage in conversation if you can.


By practicing mindfulness you can learn how to focus on the moment. The more you do meditation the better at it you will become. Even five or 10 minutes a day will help you become better at uncluttering your mind.


We usually see the world through our own filtered perspective. To be more empathic, strive to understand a situation from the other person’s point of view. You can start by acknowledging their perspective and opinion. All that you have to do is accept that their perspective is different from yours.

Be Mindful of Your Internal Responses.

Your thoughts, feelings and physical reactions that you have when you feel tense or annoyed can block out other perspectives and ideas that may you find displeasing. Mindful listening can help you to be more aware of your inner mental events and allow you to prevent them from blocking your communication.
Just “Listen” carefully with full attention. Give your complete attention to the other person, and don’t let what you are going to say next distract you.

By Westley Eckhardt

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