Executive Support, the perfect vehicle to


Directed at senior managers who wish to have a “safe space” from which to reflect on matters related their work, their relationships and their personal life.

Executive Support - Mindful Insite management
Executive Support - Mindful Insite management

Our Executive Support (ES) service focuses on your personal and professional growth. Our executive coach will help you identify your strengths and opportunities for development. You will work with your coach to co-create a plan that will help you achieve your personal improvements. The overall goal is to maximize your potential and create lasting change.

We start our ES with a discovery session to mutually assess fit between our coach and your executive. Our ES coach is not a consultant.

Personality counts. Are you willing to tell your ES coach your biggest fears and joys? Will you be comfortable putting your ES coach in front of your top executives?

Change takes time. Six or twelve-month commitments are common. You will need to make a minimum commitment.

It is part of the process to set goals, but we don’t promise you specific outcomes. You have the most control of the outcomes, not your executive support person!

Our Executive Support coach helps your executives see themselves and their contexts with objectivity, improving their decision-making and leadership skills.

ES can elevate your career beyond what you consider possible.  Working with an ES coach will enhance work-life balance, enhance decision-making, increase self-awareness, hone interpersonal skills, and reduce stress. Most executive clients don’t need to improve all these areas, but overall, you should expect to have your professional persona transformed by the experience.

ES is a service that is provided individually and in person, in principle at the company, or also via Skype or other electronic means, once the relationship is established, which makes it compatible with the executive’s time and mobility needs. Westley Eckhardt, co-founder of MIM, provides this service. His training and long experience in three fundamental fields, Psychology (MSc), Business (MBA) and Philosophy (MA) are our guarantee for tangible results. 

ES is provided in both Spanish and English.

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