Corporate Yoga. Care for

your body at work

Our Corporate Yoga program is an ideal way to achieve flexibility and body resistance while at work.

Logotipo de yoga Corporativo. Mindful insite management.
Mindfulness Corporativo Program
Yoga Corporativo Program

With different degrees of intensity, according to the condition of each group, our Corporate Yoga program addresses the following:

Body awareness



Conscious relaxation

We have extensive experience in teaching different yoga styles – Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, Iyengar and Yoga Pilates. Therefore, we can adapt our program to the different needs of each company.

We provide Corporate Yoga:

On site, if possible, at times that do not interfere with productivity schedules.

In groups of different sizes.

With an extended program that combines efficiency with your corporate

Optionally, we also monitor results, and offer an evaluation at the end of the program. In this way, your firm will have a measure of return on investment made.
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