Since the beginning of this century, CEOs of a growing number of American and European corporations are realizing the usefulness of the practice of meditation. It is not only an effective instrument to alleviate and help manage stress, but its practice becomes an intelligent ally when making strategic decisions, and achieving objectives.

We bring to this article the experience of four senior officials, at the time, of their respective companies, with meditation and how it helped the development of their business management.

Ray Dalio, for example, founder of Bridgewater – one of the greatest hedge funds that has ever existed, links meditation and success, he says:

Meditation, more than anything else, is responsible for the successes I’ve had.”

Two other CEO’s emphasize how meditation and vision led to their success in selecting the information that led to achieving their golas.

Peter Cooper, founder in 2001 of Cooper Investors – an Australian company that manages international funds worth $ 12 billion – attributes to meditation his success in filtering the information that contributed to the success of his long-term investments.

For his part, Bill Goss, founder of Pimco, one of the largest fixed income investment funds worldwide, is even more specific than Cooper when he points out:

Meditation helps me eliminate the systematic bias and the tendency to look for information that confirms my vision, avoiding the one that could contradict it“.

The relationship between Meditation and creativity is found in one of the greatest business exponents of its contributions. Steve Jobs practiced meditation for many years of his life. He anticipated the trends that would emerge at the end of the 20th century. He encouraged and facilitated the practice of it to his collaborators. Jobs not only co-created the Mac, but also developed breakthrough products that changed the habits and behaviors of consumers globally (Ipod, Ipad, Iphone …)

In short, Meditation is linked to success and vision, in making tactical decisions that help achieve goals and returns for a company. In addition, meditation enhances creativity, for the development and market launch of innovative products that understand the needs of Consumers.

Meditation is a traditional practice, adapted from Buddhism, by the business world. Its westernization began in earnest in the second half of the twentieth century, beginning with its application in the field of medicine.

But, it would take almost three more decades for the business world to begin to embrace meditation, or Mindfulness. Aware of the benefits that the practice implies. Companies of different specialization, size and scope are incorporating specific plans based on Mindfulness for their management teams and workers in general. We will tell you how in other articles and blogs.

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